We are currently experiencing issues with our clinical system.

This is affecting our services and we are in touch with engineers who are working to resolve this.

We hope that this will not take long, however appreciate you patience & understanding at this time.



From Friday 1st July, we will be using a new online consultation platform where you can submit non-urgent or administrative queries and requests direct to the appropriate team any time of the day or night. This service is designed to improve access to the practice and to ensure that you get an appropriate response within a timely manner. 

Follow the link - - to access or use one of the 'Contact Us Online' buttons which are located around the website. 

Employers Letters - Risk Assessments

Please note that our GPs are not qualified to make any form of assessment in relation to specific things you can or cannot do related to your individual workplace, nor are they able to assess or recommend the type of workwear or safety equipment that you may, or may not, be able to use in relation to your work or any other activity.

Should your employer ask you for assessments or recommendations of this nature, they shouid be advised to make appropriate enquiries of an Occupational Health specialist.